German and International Education in Bonn and Cologne (Koln)

The German education system is different in many ways from the ones in Anglo-Saxon countries, but it produces high- performing students. Although education is a function of the federal states, and there are differences from state to state, some generalisations are possible.

Efforts are being made to make the system more democratic, though some feel that the changes don't go far enough. It's nevertheless possible for a child with the right academic ability to study right up to the university level regardless of the financial status of the family. The main advantage to choose a German school is that your child learns the German language and can make German friends who live in the neighbourhood.

Many English-speaking expatriates are educating their children at Germany's international schools, and an education at such a school has also some advantages.

There is, of course, instruction in the English language, which can be an advantage when you get a new assignment in another foreign country. And, since the student body is usually quite international, they expose the young people to a variety of cultures.

 In Bonn there are 2 International Schools:


  • Bonn International School e.V. (BIS) (3-19)
    Martin-Luther-King Straße 14
    53175 Bonn
    Tel.: +49 228 308 54 0
    Fax: +49 228 308 54 351


In Köln you will find the following International Schools:


  • St. George’s School (3-19)
    First Contact and Location:
    Husarenstr. 20
    50997 Köln
    Tel: +49-(0)2233 - 80887-0
    Fax: +49-(0)2233 – 80887-70

    The Aministrative Department
    St. George’s School
    Heisterbacher Str. 240
    53332 Bornheim
    Tel.: +49-(0)2222 – 81610
    Fax: +49 (0)2222 – 9898041


  • International Friedensschule Köln GmbH
    Bismarckstraße 11-13
    50672 Cologne

    49- 221 31 06 34 0


Outpost Cologne

Office hours: "on demand"
Languages: Dutch , English, French and German
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